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'Confidence comes from being prepared'

Like many of you I am an over thinker, I like to be prepared for any situation. Although I have been caught out on so many occasions where I've needed an essential item the thought of carrying everything but the kitchen sink in my bag was overwhelming.

The Essential Kit was born on a flight back home to the Gold Coast after attending a wedding. I was in the bathroom and saw a lady frantically looking through her bag. I asked if she was okay and she said was looking for a safety pin as her dress tore while she was dancing.

Enter stage right Ms Prepared for any Situation (that's me)... I came to her rescue! I actually had two safety pins pinned on the inside of my dress for that 'just in case' moment. The lady was so grateful and we had a good laugh as I had mentioned I had tissues tucked away behind one bra strap and band-aids behind the other.

The next day on the flight home I was thinking about the bathroom incident and thought there

needed to be a simple solution. Something that was compact and easy to use, filled with

premium everyday essentials that could be transferred from bag to clutch and take on the go.

That my friends was the first draft of my business plan written on the back of an airline napkin.

Founder of The Essential KIt.jpg
'The Essential Kit in one hand, confidence in the other'

Gea x

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