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If our pre-made kits don't quite meet your needs, why not create your own? Our Essential Kit Designed For You gives you the variety - all you need to do is choose the items, and we'll put the kit together!


Make It Your Own

While some may struggle with bad hair and others with skincare, one thing's for certain - everyone is unique, and with that comes unique problems. This option gives you the freedom to assemble your very own personalised essential kit tailored to your most common urgencies.


Ready To Go

Like all of our kits, the DIY version is packed inside our iconic tins for convenience and compact use wherever you go. These also make a thoughtful, personalised gift idea, fully curated by you, to ease their worries.


Flexible Variety

When building your kit, you can choose up to 14 items from our large range of essentials! This selection includes various items to cater for unique requirements, such as tweezers, wipes, band-aids, bobby pins, wardrobe essentials, and menstrual products.


  • Choose from our range of essentials (14 max)
  • Personalised by YOU
  • Unique personalised gift idea
  • Packed inside our stylish tins

The Essential Kit Designed For You

SKU: 0757953311256
GST Included

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